Official Thakrian Statement

Sethanorto Everyone

Thakria wishes to add it's condemnation of the unprovoked Parrian invasion of Coriona to Mercinae's. The citizens of Coriona, fearing for thier children and thier lives, have approached us privately, informing us that Mercy, one of the baronettes of Parrius, has threatened them with death should they speak to us. The truth of the matter is that not one citizen of Coriona ever asked Parrius to invade them, nor do they appreciate the constant fear that having appgressive troops in thier city causes.

Parrius will either remove the troops immediately and return the commodities stolen to Coriona, or action will be taken, perhaps by both Mercinae and Thakria. Parrius is far to weak to stand up to such a combined onslaught

As Cardinal of Thakria, the direct representative of Lord Lazarus, I Deliver this demand to you: Remove the troops and replace the commodities, Or suffer the consequences.