Parrius & Coriona

I would like to say I too think you are sadly mistaken about my city. Sirrus, Tarkus, and many others includeing myself became citizens of the town and BUILT it into a city. We did not INVADE and PLUNDER (or in your words \"accept gifts\")... I hope you realize this now. For at the time I wouldnt have dreamed of doing such a thing as you have.

However, NOW I think its a darn good idea! Good job and all that! Sounds like it was a quite profitable venture and a quite sound defeat/rescue. Sorry to spoil some of my fellow citizens ditaste for it but, we are a NEUTRAL city and i think it was a good move... hope you feel the same way next time we take something instead of apparently trying to \"crush us\"?

casimian, of Springdale home of free speech and land of the differing views