Sir Cimares, The Shadow Cavalierto Everyone

I can't quote exactly as I don't have the tome of Avalon to hand right now, But I believe it states something along the lines That when a battlement has been inplace for a certain length of time, The Government of the invaded city ceases to exert any power, and comms and treasury is slowly transferred to that of the invading presence.

This is really for those of you who have never come across Battlements before and wish to make your own mind up about Mercy's actions.

Oh and Horus, If you think I am cowardly, That will be nothing to the way you feel, when you are struggling to return to your guild with no clothes or other wordly possesions. Your post was a direct insult to me and as such you will be dealt with with extreme prejudice

Regards, Cimares, The Shadow Cavalier