Village donations

Sirrus, you really should think before you post. What Villagers??? A figment of my imagination are they? Well let me ask you a question, Sirrus. Where are the villagers of Springtown today? You know, Sirrus, the ones who lived there before you showed up. The made the commodities for the village and lived peaceful, happy lives. Not one of them is represented in the current government there. Maybe they like it that way. They might even be happy being ruled by the current order there. It is possible that the villagers of Eleusis feel the same way. Coriona has other thoughts and does not wish to be overrun. You talk about an invasion. well our protective battlement is no invasion. An invasion is when you move in and set up your own govenrment, displacing the current residents. We can tell how much thought you give to them - you don't even recognize their existence. As for the gifts... they gave us a few potions and 2 swords. As I have said, we sold them to help provide the protection that Coriona needs so badly.

Baroness Mercy of Parrius - City of Freedom