Hmm, Now which part of that post did I find funniest? erm let me see.

Ah yes that was it, City of the Free...+

Damn I near laughed my cock off on that.

Let me quote from your message \"They have seen other villages occupied\" and \"The villagers have been run out and given no say in their lives\"

Let me remind the people of Avalon, That the last few Villages that have been Taken over with such a hostile act as placing a Battlement in their marked locations Have been Thaumacie and Ladahk (a while back) and both times the (i use the term lightly) agressors have been Parrius

Where does the threat come from? Who is the most dangerous person breathing down the nexks of the village of coriona.? Which is the closest city? certainly not the uninhabited mountain of Sapience

Face it Mercy, You action has been like every other action you take, misguided and inappropriate. The only reason you placed your Battlement in Coriona is so you can drain the moeny and comms into Parrius resource.

Bear that in mind citizens of Coriona, as you struggle to eke out your meagre existence.