My post/your post

Uncertainto Mercy, Teller of Fine Fortunes

I was not inviting you to give me an explanation as an individual, and wouldn't expect someone in your position to waste time doing so. I was inviting you to offer a better explanation of Parrius's action through the public bb, which is an appropriate thing to do.

City elders may know what's going on but the rest of us may not. I have many Parrian friends and hold the city in high regard, and every conversation I've heard on this subject cast doubt on your intentions. My point is that the image of Parrius as city of the free is suffering among the commoners of avalon, which should concern you. Without a better public defence of the action, the negative rumours will worsen.

You can't expect events like this to go unnoticed with no eyebrows raised. I'm simply speaking for the many friends of Parrius who want reassurance, thats all and so far there's been very little.