Archmage Hero, the Umbrogento Zane the Equitous

You are totally correct Zane. I make no bones that I enjoy fighting. Vengeance is indeed a sweet dish served to your enemies.

However, I do also enjoy 'friendly' fights, i. e. combat with set goals merely for the enjoyment of trying to achieve them. Some people ritualise their violence with chess, or even more esoteric games. In the end, it comes down to who is the strongest, fastest, most cunning. I enjoy the challenge of a fight well fought; this is a seperate issue to when I dispense Justice to those who have commited crimes.

There is no fun in fighting an already won battle.

There is one thing about my 'friendly' fights though - they are purely voluntary. This sets me apart from the higher level Thakrians. However, I do hope. I have found most low and medium Thakrians (and a smattering of higher ones) to be honourable, with whom I can deal with honour. I hope that they fulfill their promise, and become honourable and good warriors.

There is a lacking of them at this time.