Get a life, really

Zane the Equitousto Archmage Hero, the Umbrogen

Other than patting yourself on the back, Hero, your post served no real purpose but to dig the hole deeper. Basically, what it all really comes down to is this: You want the Thakrians, whom you hold in such high regard, to better their fighting skills, just so you can have more fun killing them. You blatantly tear down your pathetic ideals with every other word, really.

There is no difference between what Ithakus' post conveys and keeping your enemy alive, just so you can have more fun the next day kicking him in the balls again. I don't have a problem with the ideals of Mercinaean citizens, if that is what they are, and indeed I find them most noble. But your reasoning is flawed, and bears testimony to the reasoning of many a good and \"honourable\" statesman/woman.

And, by the way, I am not Thakrian, as your post seemed to imply. I am rather objective at this point, and, objectively, I find your views and opinions totally unworthy of your noble (for the most part) citizens.

As far as who I am to judge, well, I am not judging for one thing, merely posting my opinion, (did a macro just go off?) but, if you really want to be judged, it can be taken care of.

Truly, you are rendered pathetic by your sad propaganda. Would that at least it be subtle and pervasive, but it garners not even that as credit.