Thak and Merc

Archmage Hero, the Umbrogento Zane the Equitous

The reason we don't invade Thakria is because we have this funny idea called Democracy. What it means that, since Mercinaen citizens don't want us to go round pillaging and slaying the entire city of Thakria (They have these weird things called principles) We actually don't do it!!!! The barons of Merc surprisingly listen to their citizens. I know this is a weird idea to have in Thak, but it's true.

Right. Who are you to judge us or our Prince Zane? The citizens of Merc elect us, the Barons, and then we elect the Prince. When you become a Mercinaen, you get to have a say in how our city works, not til then.

Ithakus's point was this. I have two ultimates. It must be a sad day in thakria when there are only 3 people living there i cannot kill by myself. All my regular opponants have better skills than I, usually at least twice my level. And still they fall before me. If this is so, it doesn't say much for the skills usage there. IMHO of course.