New York Avalon meet

Zane the Equitousto Everyone

Ok, I will begin by apologising to Calagan for making fun of him and his silly Avalon meet bb's, cause here I am, doing the same thing. So, for all it's worth, sorry, big nose.

Now, on to business then. The meet is scheduled to happen March 16th. That is a Saturday, so any normal human being who has a love for life does not work on Saturdays and has no excuse not to come. It's looking like we're gonna hit a restaurant in Manhattan and destroy it.

There are a bunch of places to stay all around, for those of you who earn over 6 figures a year. For those that don't, there are still some good places, just you have to drive out a bit. As well, any who want to stay over at my place are welcome. So it's a shithole in New Jersey, but it's free, and you get a chance to see Jake in person.

Alors, entonces, therefore, get your ass in gear and message me if interested, prefferably with your email or phone number. My email address is and my phone number is 201-646-9402. Mail me, call me, message me, whatever.

Be in touch. The more the merrier. And, the best thing is, Calagan won't be there. That alone ought to make it worthwhile.