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Macros, Prince of Darknessto Silk, Spider of Fate

I have a bullseye on my chest? Where? I can't see it. Is that what Lancelot, Mercy, Polgara, Blaatand and Balthus were aiming for when they got well and truly butchered by Astiron and myself? Perhaps it is what Taliesin is aiming for when he sits on the steps of his Patrons temple the whole time when there is less than a 4 to 1 advantage. I know you cannot be aiming for it as you are quite frankly, incapable. Your Prince perhaps? Well, I look forward to putting him in his place. No Silk. You have no-one. Only your cities Patron and a enchanter from the past could ever best me. Your city produces rubbish Silk. I will be happy to dispose of it for you.

Macros, Prince of Darkness.