Shop Of Magic Lore

Allanonto Everyone

Just opened is a new shop - not just selling selling standard wares of a Loremaster but also \"special\" items.

You will note some of the specials are priced quite highly but with good reason.

Potions may have extra potency, be already protected from thieves.

Items may be charged with Magic not commonly known or used.

Weapons may have \"extra\" enhacements to make them more effective particularly for lower skilled ypounger individuals.

It is the shop of hanging Lanterns in Parrius, south then west from the Mariners Highway By Merchant Street on the approach to Parrius.

Type help shops for syntax on how to examine the stock etc ,if there are any particualr requests please message me.

I leave you with this thought, modern day scribes have forgotten much of ancient Alchemical Lore, if you know what I mean.