Silk, Spider of Fateto Macros, Prince of Darkness

You asked for a chance, and you got it. You couldn't keep it in your pants for more than 6 days, not even a week. Not that it was expected of you, but this pathetic display of self control amazes even me.

You asked for mutual peace between you and Parrius, to which I agreed after speaking with a fellow Baron, to protect our young. you were told that if you held to the agreement for a reasonable length of time, you would be considered for a less hostil e status where Parrius is concerned. You failed; how suprising!

You posted to me, and I quote, 'I noticed I am still a city enemy. I don't like this one sided deal' and proceeded to tell me who all you attacked in Parrius. You had already been told a significant show of good faith on your part would be required, and to your infantile mind a week must seem an eternity, but not to the long memoried Parrians.

Your weak charade is over, and gained you naught but a bullseye on your chest. Wear it with pride.

Baron Silk, Warlord of Parrius and Spider of Fate