Mob Attacks

Allanonto Kuurus of Gaurthang

Before you give cause to either private or public \"Caroing\" about being attacked this morning consider the facts.

I large group of followers of the Sun & Moon Cult were generally performing duties and at the same time assisting in collection of godly offerings.

You are seen in Orestes study and as it is assumed you were not trying to get a Sun & Moon brooch from him your intent was taken to be hostile.

We therefore chased you out of there, you will note not bring full firepower to bear.

Personally if I were killing the Dark Sun or Pangyron and there were a bunch of long night cultists on I would expect an attack, funnily enough of late only the brave Sir Trident g=has attempted this, which is a credit to him.

Dont underestimate the following of the Sun & Moon order, it is VERY active.