My changes

Rasalomto Everyone

It seems the changes in my life have upset a number of people. However I am quite perplexed as to why. I've been called a traitor, because I wanted to make a change in MY LIFE. I had the opportunity to do great harm to the city of Mercinae before l eaving, but I had no desire to. I even left the shop I used to own full of products for the next knight who desired to run it. In what ways have my actions proven me to be a traitor? If Mercinae is such a democracy... then why would they scream TREASON when one of their citizens wants to leave? Sounds more like a totalitarian state. I mean no disrespect to the actual elected government of Mercinae... they most likely have nothing to do with the anonymous shouts of libel to me. I as an aide to state of Mercinae admired the government and their efforts to maintain a democracy. It is however unfortunate that their city is peopled by a narrow-minded mob who believe that anyone who has tasted life in Mercinae and decided to choose something better for themselves is a

raitor. Please leave your judgements for someone who has really offended you.

Rasalom, the sorcerer formally known as Yzordderrex (too bad I can't just choose a symbol for my name!)