Mage Casimian Trillinezto Prudence, The Hand Maiden

In fact I believe you are WAY off. The whole concept of GANG attcking was (I believe) started by the same person who started the whole \"sling propaganda at your enemies\" concept. Although I must admit as long as I have been here i do not remember you ganing on someone, I hope you are aware that GANG fighting by Thakrians is just as prevalent, if not more prevalent, than it is by other cities members.

Of course it would be NICE to have an honourable system where say people like xandamere dont sneak in at a time when you are fighting someone or something else and attack you without warning (not that that ever happened <ha ha ha>), but in liu of cert ain policy setters it would seem that there is nothing we can do but live with this behavior. If you REALLY dislike it, why dont you try to get the source of the problem to change it?

casimian, he who is going to gang if ganged on <g>