Prudence, The Hand Maidento Everyone

Personally I think this whole new 'Vogue' within the game of roaming around the land in gangs is a rather disappointing development.

I am old enough to remember the good old days when folk would pit their wits against each other one on one, without the fear of said opponent calling out for his mates every time the tide of combat might turn against him.

Whilst I acknowledge that both sides do dabble in this annoying little tactic, I'am afraid I have to say that in my experiences it has been the so called 'Good' or supposedly 'Honourable' people of this land that appear to be the main offenders for this 'MOB RULE'.

This form of playing does have a negative side to the development of the inviduals combat experience as roaming in gangs makes one dependant on said company. A Player of this type may benefit in the sort term, but inevitably cannot hold his/her own in single combat (to coin a phrase.)