Another meet

Calagan, Keeper of the Grey Forestto Everyone

Further to Shaitans post..... Yes another meet is being held in sunny Bradford, most of you who can come will know where it is and hopefully that the last one was a lot of Fun ! well this time on Shaitans request its going to be at my new house <im still not unpacked>, If you are planning on coming and please do. i would recomend getting an A-z of Bradford if you are coming by car as no ammount of directiomns from me will truly help. OR if you are coming by train, Msg me about it and i will get someone to meet you. My new address is 82 Toller lane, Heaton, Bradford, BD8 9DA... i currently do not have a phone <its not been fitted yet> so all correspondence will have to be wither online, or msg me your phone number and real name and i will ring you myself !

Calagan, Holder of another meet !!!! p. s more bb's to come <wink>