The concept of honourable conduct

Allanonto Archmage Hero, the Umbrogen

Whilst you post is very good you fail to note one important point.

Both mages and knights as fighting \"professions\" welcome the fight coming to them. Therefore to challenge and state intent means very little.

However for several professions notable Loremaster and Thied \"surprise\" is a key element and in some cases essential to stand a chance of victory. In these instances a Loremaster of Thief unless overpowerfully skilled compared to their oponent would be a fool to challenge first, albeit in your eyes an honourable fool.

Basically it is very concenient to be \"honourable\" when it suits your profession to be so. In my book if you fight you fight to win.

My concept of honourable fights is based upon wether or not I try to shatter/ smelt/strip as opposed to go for a straight kill. An honourable opponent I would never strip of items.