Sir Kindred, Parrian Warriorto Everyone

I too love the quests. and I have been to the Sage many times for many hints.

Balthus, do you really know how to open allesandria, or just get in? I have entered by chanting, but i have never used the rune stones. I feel there may be more to it than meets the eye, for the citizens of Allesandria do not teach when I am there. Perhaps, I am wrong, but legends says it was a great land of learning?

I have also heard there may be a \"long day\" type quest, but I have heard not a peep of a clue?

I am not old and wise, but I have picked up a lot. I would be glad to sit and compare quest lore with anyone at any time.

As far as Markus' views of Avalon's 'bad vibration', i feel similarly. Shaitan had goal. And he brought many people together both under and against him. Now we wander the soils wondering what is our next purpose. Since he succeeded we have no cause.

The question becomes what to do with ourselves? Fight? Quest? War? Grow? That is for each of us to decide, not the divinities. Sir Kindred, the long winded.