Telgalonto Markus

Yes the Land of Avalon has indeed gone mad... there is no harmony to the land... powerful individuals from all areas seem intent on roaming the world like robber barons, slaughering all they can call Enemy - the gods themselves are actively interested in the affairs of mortals and that is never a good thing for us... after all who can say what lies in the heart of a Deity? There is a sense of hopelessness and a distinct lack of cohesion to all people change cities, guilds and worship at the drop of a hat now... even the gods seem to come and go with no word from on high to guide us in these strange days. Calagan is correct i think in some of what lies at the heart of this - there is little way to find out about existing quests and seemingly no spontaneous quests or adventures save a mass attack on some individual, or even a war!

Something has to change before the only thing left for us is to fight in the dirt like animals...

Telgalon, much Wierded out.