Hmm, bit touchy today?

Cimares The Shadowto Droggy, the Wild

I wasn't going to bother replying to your last post, I figured you were probably drunk or on something when you wrote it. But I had to point out a few flaws in your message. One is, I never claimed to be leading Thakria, Macros is Prince of Thakria, and as such the leader. I have posted on the subject of the situation with Parrius, in my capacity as Minister for War of Thakria.

As to my being a shadow of Shaitan, you are only too right, I don't feel anyone can possibly meet up to the very high standards that Shaitan embodied. In fact, I still mourn to this day, the day he was ordained, and we lost someone who was possibly the finest Characters in this land.

As to my being scum, well I guess from you thats a complement, I mean if you feel I am scum, then droggy, I hate to think what depths I would have to sink to to become your equal.

Oh and by the way, Thakria will never fall to parrius, thanks for the joke, I found it quite funny.

Oh yeah, kiss this.

Regards... cimares