Lazarus, the god of painto Allanon

Allanon, I am not convinced that you are sincere in your apology. I have grave doubts about your level of humility and I strongly suspect that you are patronizing me and telling me what I want to hear. However, I will be willing to forgive your numerous blasphemies after you do two things.

First, you will offer me 60,000 essence. I suggest you think about what sort of offerings might displease me enough to decide that you do not deserve my forgiveness.

Second, after the 60,000 essence has been offered to me, you will publicly abase yourself before me, to my satisfaction, before a gathering of all avalonians present at the time I choose to demand this of you.

Furthermore, I suggest you think long and hard before you do anything that might anger me in the meantime. I also expect that I will never, ever hear of you questioning one of my actions or blaspheming me (whether in public or private) again. If you do, you are finished. I suggest you purge your mind of anything but the utter respect a being so grand as I deserves from a being so low as you.