Archmage Hero, the Umbrogento Everyone

Bloodlust is a good system for measuring a characters violent tendancies, and increases the penalites they suffer for dying - such is the cost of fighting without challenging, i. e. ambushing.

There is a problem in this system however. sometimes, it is possible to gain bloodlust inadvertantly, merely for defending yourself. It is even possible to gain it accidently. For example, a while back a thakrian newbie decided that, since i was an 'enemy' he would attack me. He tried to kick me, and my dragon slew him with two blows. Caught by surprise, i was unable to stop it before it was too late. Although i had no intention of hurting such a young character, and bathed him, i gained large amounts of bloodlust - the same as if i had attacked him, and slain him for no reason.

Since incidents such as this are unavoidable, i would suggest that bloodlust might be able to be slowly lowered (a lot harder than it is gained) by non-violent, peaceful acts. Things such as bathing bodies, or giving the stone back to iorwenn. Basically, any of the quests the anmists do. This would allow occaisonal accidents to be recovered from, yet truly incorruptible ambushers would still suffer from high bloodlust. Archmage Hero, the Umbrogen