Parrius' true colours.

Cimares The Shadowto Silk, Spider of Fate

So, in spite of what was said by Mercy, Parrius shows her true colours, You are said to be the city of freedom. Hah.

The war like act by Parrius was exactly that, Not a protest, as Mercy would ike people to think, but an act of war. You don't really give a monkeys wether thakria condemns the Divine action taken by Lord Lazarus, You just needed an excuse. You want to try and crush evil out of this land, by stomping on the city that welcomes and revels in it, well you may as well squish blood from a stone, Even were you to team up with another city, you could never squash evil. You may well beat Thakria, however unlikely, but you will never eradicate evil, it has been tried, and failed many times before.

Well, so be it, If You Parrians decide you wish War, then we have no say either way, but be warned, War is a bloody and costly business, not just for the City on the recieving end. Think long and hard before you risk all that you have managed to build, on one ego trip.


Cimares, Thakrian Minister for War and State