A Statement from the Thakrian Ministry of War

Cimares The Shadowto Everyone

To all members of Avalon.

This recent talk of War, brought on by a war like act by Parrius, was thought to be in retaliation to actions made by the Lord of pain Lazarus.

This however is not the case, and Mercy a Baroness of some Standing in Parrius, has pointed out to me, that it was in fact a protest at Thakria's stance on action. I would like to point out, that as I have repeatedly said throughout, No mortal has the right to Judge on a gods actions, to do so would be folly.

To this end, I make the following statement on behalf of thakria.

Thakria Stands by it's stance of neither approving or condemning the action taken by the Lord Lazarus or indeed of any god. However, We would like to point out, that had Lazarus been a mortal, who had somehow gained the ability to do what was done, unlawfully, then Thakria would totally disapprove and condemn these actions.

I would hope, that as this is what the Parrians Barons wish to hear, Then we can perhaps move to a more neutral standing. I refer you to the Post by lord Lazarus number 9589, and will be talking to my Prince about returning the Thakrian/Parrius relationship to one of Neutrality and not a state of war.

Regards, Cimares Minister for State & War