Silk, Spider of Fateto Cimares The Shadow

I do not wish to add to the endless cascade of BBs with another 5 pages dissertation filled with whining and disavowals of personal responsability, just to make a fact clear which some may have forgotten.

However skilled a man may be, as the mortal known as Shaitan made it very clear to me, along with a number of Gods, before the last Ordination, he cannot stand against a combined group working in harmony.

Shaitan did not take on the mantle of Godhood merely under his own strength, but with the assistance of the City of Thakria, beating them into line every step of the way.

Every decision is a choice, and Thakria has made hers. Why is it now so ashamed to stand behind this one, trying instead to distance herself as far from the results as possible? Baron Silk, Spider of Fate and War Minister of Parrius