This War thing.

Cimares The Shadowto Everyone

I hate to point this out, But Allanon has been used as a catalyst, whilst he is the complainant in this argument, Mercy in her power as a Baron of Parrius decided that Thakria was guilty in initiating the Gods attack on Allanon Now, Thakria patron has been absent from the land, and at the time of the runestaves being removed, Notsrdamus was nowhere near Avalon.

Therefore, the questions of wether this war is worth it, should not be directed to allanon or Thakria, but to Parrius, Whose Baroness Mercy decided to be Judge, Jury and executioner.

I have reiterated before, that Thakria held no part in what was done, and also has no right to question the will of a god, especially one not connected with the city of miracles.

On this point I will not be swayed, Thakria may well be attacked for her views, But I feel a war will solve nothing. I had a one to one chat with mercy on this, and I feel she did not see our point of view. She claims that she initiated this war ilke action to protect freedom in avalon, But I ask, is she not trying to surpress that very freedom? Be careful Mercy, do much more, and you may become what you hate most.

Who needs good or bad, in a land that has been ravaged by war? The aftermath of the invasion of Mercinae was nasty, ask anyone who was there.

Regards, Cimares Minister for State and War