Whats The Point

These BB's could go on forever, in the end as has been stated Immortals are answerable to either themselves, each other or perhaps yourself.

Disfavours, Zaps etc however unfair happen and are part of Avalon life which Ender points out is seldom fair but very unjoyable.

However as GM of a guild who as my previous bb (4 back I think) can effectively be totally pissed around by perhaps a rogue god I respectfully call for your assistance to clarify actions that have taken place and wether they are detrimental to the realm of Avalon.

Basically it has happend again I redid my staves (the pisser is the time to do it aqnd not just the gold) and what do I find the runes removes and /or the staves gone too. I had hoped that perhaps the first time was a one off.

Perhaps everyone else is short sighted or never forsee themselves being affected by anything similar, I think they are short sighted.

I refuse to ask my Patron to stoop so low as retaliate, I ask for your divine