I would just like to know why it is that everytime something goes against you allanon your boring us all to death with it on the bbs. I have carried your patrons EDF for some time now and despite your comments in msg9555 I have not been given a reason at to why. However, you have made it plain why it is so. I have made no complaint to anyone regarding this although i have informed my patron at the reasons behind it and in his infinte wisdom has responded. I accept my lot in this mortal world and should the gods wish to take action against or for me so be it. I and i might say no mortal is in a position to question such an act.

I ask you then why you object to my patron and for that matter any god taking action agaist you when your own patron has taken direct action against myself?

Kuurus for Thakria, Nostradamus and Perriam