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I would like to clear up a few important points Tarkus seems to have forgot:

ONE: until about a avalonian year ago the citizenship of what is now know as springdale was but a handful of people (less than ten) and would have easiliy fit within the circle of friends which the loremaster agreement defined as part of its policy, especially since i think most of his very close freinds are citizens.

Two: even though POINT ONE tarkus only gave discounts on potions and items. The proceeds of which went straight into the city coffer. It wasnt unltil just a couple avalonian seasons ago that i remember Tarkus giveing anything out for what you might consider free, however I wouldnt make the mistake of thinking this is truely the case since usually he asks you to do something like go buy some Iron for the city or something. Hence, Tarkus is by no means in the same light of kuurus's policy (not that i have a problem with it <g>)

Three: since when and why did Tarkus become a part of this original argument? Are you trying to offend all the cities of avalon? Are you, as it would seem Macros is, truely so disillusioned as to think Thakria is SOOO strong the combined might of TW O cities couldnt bring it down? I could be wrong, but last time i heard thakrias dosh was as low as anyone elses.

casimian, he who wishes Tarkus left out of such arguments