The Point

Artificer Allanon, President Of The White Houseto Everyone

As we are now about to enter the realms of endless BB's getting more and more fragmented, with the inevitable confusion amongst the younger Avalon players, may I make a few final points on my behalf:

Whilst a god is free to act as he wishes if a basic principle to the fairness of Avalon play is compromised it effects everyone \"big\" and \"small\".

Where does this type of behavour stop, a god removing runes, erasing waxes held by a seer/astrolger/mystic, removing the cauldron from a sorcerer, stripping a thieves pouch of erasmus etc etc etc ....... .

Trus certain professions are at the mercy of unfair manipulation more than others, mine is one so of course I speak up as should any Guildmaster.

The point is if this precedent is allowed to stand eventually anyone could be undermined when a deity chooses it might help his \"side\".

Perhaps Tarkus is right this should be left to the gods to sort out, however whilst the gods exist despite mortals I feel it is all our obligation to act when the line of fair play is crossed.