Missing the point?

Tarkus, Quaffer of Alesto Cimares The Shadow

Sir, I dont think it is I who have missed the point, but indeed you. So, as you did for me, I shall now do for you, explain it simply.

Read the first sentence of BB posting 9548.

That should, yet again, answer your question.

BB post 9563 suggests I have, since the loremasters agreement, being breaking that agreement. That is inaccurate. As my Guild Master Allanon has said, I have always acted within that agreement for everyone within the land of Avalon. Springdale residents do enjoy certain advantages, and so they should.

The whole basis of and EDF, battlements, and indeed war has nothing to do with myself or Springdale.

I believe that this whole disagreement should now be left to the immortals that allow us to live in the land we call Avalon, it is not our place or right to discuss if their actions are fair or true. They after all created us for their enjoyment and not the other way around