I reckon this should be personal too...

Red Sonya, Flame of Thakriato Everyone

I agree with Cimares, I wish you all to look at Message 9552. Genesis, creator of all and God of Gods has quite clearly stated that this matter constitutes bad divine ethics on the \"rogue\" gods part. I think this matter has simply been escalated by clever machinations of Allanon to draw attention to his plight!

I do not fear War with Parrius, or Mercinae but I think we would all be rather silly to go to war over some minor God's actions, who is nothing to do with our cities in any case.

I urge you all to consult with your Patrons both City,Guild and Personal so that divine wisdom can prevail. Allanon should also think twice before continuing his schemes for personal gain, his own citizens are even starting to see through his glowing mantle. Thakria as far as I am concerned has more than a little strength in reserve and is very capable of repelling both posturing and outright attack, such that the Leithe would run red with your blood all the way back to Parrius.

Sonya, I know is a bit rambling, but I did have some coherent thoughts before I started typing, I hope you can still find them , Flame of Thakria