The ongoing statement

To my learned friend in the corner, I would like to point your attention once more to my statement of a few messages back.

Thakria is not in any situation able to condone or disapprove of a gods actions. For me to do so would not be constructive to thakria.

Currently, a member of our Nobility is suffering an EDF for supply goods for free, and yet as far as I know, someone doing the same thing for as long if not longer has not suffered the same fate. would you condone this action? would you question the will of a god.?

I do not feel that is in Thakria's best interests to make any further comment on this matter. Needless to say that Thakria had no involvement in the removal of your runes and staves, and this matter which is really your own personal business, should never have escalated this far.

Regards Cimares, Minister for State & war