Fence Sitting

Come on Cimares your almost getting there, the fence cant be that wide and Thakria's fear of retribution cannot be that bad.

Not to go over the same points but to clarify:

The runes were targetted to my PERSONAL enemies, these just happen to be most of the Thaks with any balls to fight for their values or who have given me personal cause to enemy.

Therefore the runes affect NO-ONE but those 10 people on my list of eneemies.

Because the potential death of those 10 Thakrians obviously a divinity (not Thakrias patron) sought to remove them for whatever his reasons (in my view unreasonable and restrictive).

All that is being asked is for Thakria to either condemn this as an injustice that was not solicited, or affirm that Thakria need such blatant acts of \"cheating\" by abuse of powers in order to protect the lifes of it's major citizens.

Is that asking too much ?