Your skills

Let me make this clear for you allanon.

In my position as Baron and minister within Thakria, I have no objections to how guild skills are used throughout the realm of Avalon. Your decision to place Stave anywhere outside Thakria's sphere of influence is of no concern to me. Unless they affect the progress of young citizens, who are still learning the game.

I take your statement regarding the nature of your targets to mean those who are evil. In which case please define evil. In Avalons eyes, I am evil because I live and work for Thakria, However I choose not to go around slaying those weaker than myself purely for fun. Does this make me good? i think not. If someone kills a ccc whose alignment is good, will end up with a bad alignment, this will then make them a target of your staves will it not? But I digress.

As to your statement on immortal intervention, then I am afraid i have no comment to make on this. as mortals, we cannot have control over the gods, we can ask what we like, but can never expect to receive. By there very nature, some of the guilds That the Lord Lazarus is patron of, would be targets of your runes, therefore, as Guild Patron, he may see fit to act upon them.

I will repeat finally my statement for the record.

The current Patron of Thakria is Nostradamus.

Whatever Lazarus does, and I mean this with the utmost respect, is of his own choosing, with no prompting from any Baron of Thakria. Thakria will neither agree or disagree with his moves, as what a god chooses to do no business of ours.