Thakria's Stance

First let me clarify the staves were moved to outside Artisans guild as apartt of the peace deal with the Cavaliers, ie it signalled the end of the guildwar.

In your position as Minister of State and War I ask for a public statement from either yourself or the Prince of Thakria.

My Staves and Runes were by the nature of my enemies targeted towards certain Thakrians. I ask for Thakria to confirm that they have no objections to my putting my staves anywhere I like using my skills as I see fit.

Any answer in the negative by implication means Thakria either have requested or assent to the injustice of immortal intervention in this matter.

If Thakria as a city does not stand up for itself, I shall have to seek Justice from both within the city where I serve and reside and also the city of my Guild namely Parrius. Be warned Thakria needs to clarify it's position, no sitting on the fence now bleating on that really the immortal Lazarus has nothing to do with Thakria.