I suggest either yourself or Kuurus himself ask Apollo why Kuurus bears an eternal disafvour. At least Apollo is decent and noble enough that he will probably explain his actions, I doubt Nostradamus would be as such If I asked why I carry his eternal disfavour which seems to be petty retaliation.

I am sure you can choose to find anything you like to be disrespectful; I am sorry but your recent actions against me can in no way lead to my posts discussing it being respectful.

All I can say is when will it stop, the next player(s) to be a pain in the arse to the \"evil\" will they be zapped?, disfavoured? .

Far be it from me to suggest your best course of action but surely it should be to inspire your followers and those of the other \"evil\" gods to fight back fairly and squarely - Thakria has the citizens, how many are truly evil.

In so much as myself a double eternal disfavour is hrd to labour under but I will wear it as a badge of pride in so much I must have done something right, whilst I bear it id also drains your essence.