Whilst touched by the actions of Parrius I must agree with Cimares, the actions of Lazarus do not warrant an apology from Thakria, even if in desperation they asked Lazarus to help out (who knows) the Thakrians are not responsible for a deities actions.

Maybe if they did not ask for help they could condemn such actions as unfair/unessecary.

As Minsiter For War/Field Marshall of Mercinae I would of course take to the city leaders and citizens any request from parrius to initiate War on Thakria if this is Parrius' intention, I am sure the Parrian barony will let me know on this.

To the Thakrian government, I suspect your only gain in this is maybe that lazarus donated the 40 odd silver from the staves; apart from that you surely have the self respect to stand up for yourself.