An Apology

After posting my bb a few minutes later you return about 10 runes on the floor

The oh mighty Lazarus you appear and begin to blackhand me to death and absolve me.

As I did not accuse solely you of the actions this seems to confirm which divinity was the cause.

As you request I hereby apologise -

To orthwein I apologise by slurring your god name in the same sentence as Lazarus.

To Lazarus I apologise for thinking you had at least the pride in what a great player Shaitan was to not so humiliate his memory.

As you have threatened me before I am sure you can kill me, mess me up, do all kinds of things to me maybe even delete my character.

So be it but I can only Trust to genesis and my Patron to protect the ideal of the land of Avalon - I am sorry but buy shame it.