Surprise Surprise

Artificer Allanon, President Of The White Houseto Everyone

After agreeing with the Cavaliers that guilds should be safe havens mainly for the benefit of more junior guildmembers I agreed to move the location of my Runestaves.

This at great expense in both gold silver and time I did making the runes only hostile to my enemies so no innocents could be hurt.

I just discover all the staves have been stripped and one totally removed.

The visible Gods on at the time (the only personages able to do this act) where Orthwein and Lazarus.

I count it a victory when outright chaeting and abuse of the game is required to protect my personal and the enemies of the Artisans, it just makes me wonder a little at the point in making the effort to use skills effectively.

I am sure my enemies feel a little bit safer for now, I would promise to replace the staves or perhaps take more hostile actions but I am sure something similar would happen in the future as it has in the past.