Amnesty for past crimes against the City of Mercinae

Sir Yousuf, Childe of Lightto Everyone

It has been decided that with one exception no crime committed against the city of Mercinae in the past is unforgiveable, for that reason, and in an attempt to promote peace within the land the City of Mercinae offers a general pardon for past crimes, all but one of the enemies of the city are to be pardoned. However the Laws of Mercinae still stand! Anyone found breaking those laws within the bounds of the city will be made enemies, any enemy of Mercinae found within the city will forfeit their lives - this is not an honour thing - this is punishment for crimes, therefore no account will be made of relative strength or might. Mercinae also refuses to accept responsiblity other than this posting for imforming the peoples of Avalon of this statement, that responsiblity lies with the Guildmasters and Barons of Avalon.

Mercinae extends its hand in Peace and Friendship to the peoples of Avalon and we hope that this will be respected and accepted. Should any one in future wish to appeal against enemy status, please seek out one of the Justice department or the Nobility of the city.

Sir Yousuf, For Mercinae and for a Peaceful Avalon