Potion Refills & Item Charging

Artificer Allanonto Everyone

Basically Kuurus has been prostituting his Loremaster skills and performing services for FREE to Thakrian Citizens. Now whilst the whiole of Avalon know the Takrians need all the help they can get at the moment, certain youngers players whose heartys are not truly evil are moving to Thakria to take advantage of this fact.

Obviously they will end up leaving but in the interim after discussions with Cinaed this is the outline policy for the Artisans and Alchemists.

Any citizen of Springdale, Parrius or Mercinae with less than 1000 Health shall get refills/charging for free or whatever thay can afford to contribute.

More senior players must pay the going rate as happens at the moment.

This is not a mandatiry situation for all Artisans/Alchemists who individually can make their own choices but as we are such a good natured fair bunch I am sure things will work out ok.

P. S Apologies for the type backspace not working.