Allanonto Kal Zakath, of the Whistling Blades

Rather than all these threats in person and on BB's (you note we do not lower ourselves to such pathetic dribble) I suggest you give thought to wether a continuing conflict will be good for your guild.

Rather you thought this through than rant about how the Artisans will be crushed etc.

Currently I am not sure about the rest of the Artisans but the only person I have killed is Cephelo who was once a guildmaster of the Cavaliers.

This is the last post on the matter, apart from inviting responses from those guilds who would ally themselves with the Artisans.

We as a guild would like to know who are friends are as this might have a positive affect in our dealings with other guilds.

By the way, I know the \"smaller\" members of my guild were not impressed by traps lets see how your members are impressed by runestaves - I wonder how long it will be before you ask one of the deities to remove it (something we in our guild would not resort to).