Allanonto Kal Zakath, of the Whistling Blades

The point of combat is to win. My profession is not counted as being one able to fight yours is.

I for one wont give away surprise by challenging etc . and just you say you dont attack smaller Artisans you are misleading the rest of Avalon.

The cause of this current conflict was you and Ammon in fighting me leaving traps in the Artisans guild which affected all Artisans however lowly.

It is true any Artisan finds it almost impossible to kill a high level Cavalier and pretty much vice versa it is a standoof.

Thats why I remember the day after our numerous fights that were \"draws\" you attack and kill me paired with a sorcerer - as of that day I told you I had no problem with teaming up with someone to repay the compliment.

Without jumping them using surprise I dont you will get close enough to any Artisan to hurt them. Dont criticise the use of our defensive skills, they are skills we have purely for that - defence.