Guild War

Kal Zakath, of the Whistling Bladesto Allanon

Know this Allanon, despite my threat to destroy all members of your guild, I would like to point out that I have attacked NONE of the ones who are not worthy of an attack. (Below half might) Of the artisans I have attacked, Silo and Tarkus. I was only quick enough to web silo before he flew, ran to a temple and qq. And Tarkus well he was such a good bloke we left it at that.

I attack only those worthy of fighting me. Scum like you are cowardly and self-centered and completely pathetic. You know full well you cannot kill me alone (unless I have no guild skills), which is why you only attack when both markus and silo are on.

IF you want a guild war. FINE.

But know this. As soon as war is confirmed by code of conduct... (Which I have striven to uphold) concerning who merits an attack will change. To the point of me attacking and stripping every item off every artisan I see. (Those in my order excluded. I will speak to you.)

Zakath. GuildMaster of the Cavaliers.