Allanonto Don Wylan De Marco, The Mad Paramour

My post was on behalf of my guild - the problem with certain cavaliers is they let personal fights with me result in trapping my guild and thus affecting all Artisans ,as the response to peaceful attempts to stop guild war were met with contempt so be it. War until Cavaliers cower in fear or apologise.

Regarding my personal actions I only ever attack anyone with a reason not just because they are Thakrian. In fact I help many Thakrian citizens.

I dont even remember ever killing you my combat tends to centre around Warlocks and sorcerers (both historical and personal guild enemies) and any who in my position as aide to Minister For Justice need retribution.

Also don't refer to me as a Huggie, I dont Hug people and I dont publicly refer to all Tharians as Scum because although most of them are not all of them.