More greed

Telgalonto Jacinta, Mistress of Song

As i said helping newbies or even recently Ex-newbies is a personal decision and one which i certainly will do if i am able. But i think it is wrong for you to blame the Loremaster profession for chargeing gold for their items... without this artificial economy then what we do will be totally without significance since everybody will have a bagful of gadgets, there will no requirement to quest for cash and thus no need to even use the items in the first place! Equally what would we all do if all the cities came to a peaceful co-existance...? This is somewhat of an extreme point but i hope you can see what i mean by it.

Besides if you disagree with what some of the Loremasters charge then find someone else with more agreeable rates if you can. It does not seem fair that the city of Mercinae should suffer for an argument that you have with one select Guild.

Telgalon, pondering the meaning of life as we know it.