Animists getting charged?

Mr. Lemandreeto Jacinta, Mistress of Song

Actually, I assume that the animists would get charged, whichever city we shop at. Maybe right, maybe wrong. Doesn't matter. I'm one of the few 'high-level' avalonians that DOESN'T walk around looking like a christmas treefull of magic items and alchemical doodads. Partly practical, partly 'roleplaying'/. Practical - what you don't have, cant be stolen - and a lot of the benefits of the items can be gained anyway, from high sjkill-levels. Roleplaying - there is something in the neaturalism pesrsonal gain'. This is why I personally, do not like selling vast quantities of herbs, but rather, content myself with giving a FEW out, occasionaly, at random. I have no complaint with any animist that wants to run the guildshop to make money for the guild, but would be less happy about doing such, myself, if I had access to the guild bank account.